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Tuu-bo is to simmer all ingredients together like sweet potato, taro, red bean and tapioca sheets. Boil all together with coconut milk and sugar, same kaeng-buad

The classic dish of Phuket dessert comes from 2 words; Tuu is pig and Bo is mother, when 2 words come together, it has meaning as “Pig Mom” It has meaning of food combination for pig’s mother to eat.


Nutrition facts

Sweet potatoes and taro highly contain carbohydrates and protein from red bean. When boil together with coconut milk and sugar. It will give high amount of fat. So consumption in fewer amounts is much better.



½ cup sweet potatoes, diced

½ cup taro, diced

½ cup boiled red bean

½ cup tapioca sheets

3 cups coconut milk

1 cup sugar

1 teaspoon of salt



Zone Central

Koong-Ob-Woon-Sen (Steamed shrimp with glass vermicelli in clay pot)

Background This recipe has glass vermicelli and shrimp as the main ingredients cooked together in a pot with lots of ginger, garlic and pepper. It is really classical with a unique flavor that makes it an iconic dish of Chinese cooking   Nutrition facts The main ingredients and seasoning condiment are oyster sauce mixed with soy sauce and sugar until it is thick and creamy. The dish is high in minerals and rich in many vitamins and minerals such as iron, copper and zinc. Oyster is to help your blood circulation buy contains high calorie and high level of sugar. For 1 portion served contains 300 Kcal.   Ingredients 150 grams vermicelli, already soak in water 200 gramstiger prawn 50 grams pork belly, sliced 3 tablespoons Thai spice mixed paste (coriander roots, garlic and black pepper) 1 tablespoon roasted Sichuan chilies, crushed 3 tablespoons oyster sauce 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 cup chicken stock 30 grams Chinese celery, cut into 1 inch size  


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    Background In southern part, pumpkin is called “naam-tao” which can grow at backyard and popular for cooking for main dish and dessert by simple stir-fry.  It is naturally sweet without seasoning but black pepper powder should be added for spicy taste.   Nutrition facts Pumpkin is one of the best-known sources of the antioxidant beta-carotene that fights against cancer and also a rich source of vitamin A. The antioxidants and vitamins within pumpkins can prevent damage to the eyes. Additionally the potassium has a positive effect on blood pressure.   Ingredients 300 grams pumpkin, cut into bite size 10 grams shallot, sliced 5grams Thai garlic, peeled 1 teaspoon of black pepper 1 chicken egg 2 tablespoons of fish sauce 2 tablespoons of sugar Water    


Zone Northeast

Tub Whan

Background The liver is a sweet sauce that is similar to, but beef liver or pork cut into pieces, then boiled raw ingredients like spicy mix. nutrition Liver, pig iron Helps produce red blood cells, red onion antioxidant. Cordial parsley Helps maintain strong bones and teeth. Mint leaves nourish the eyes relax onion helps prevent constipation and reduce cholesterol in the blood. the ingredients 350 grams of pork liver 20 g shallots Onion 1 tablespoon Celery, coarsely chopped 1 tbsp. 10g mint leaves 2 tablespoons roasted rice 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper 2 tablespoons fish sauce 2 tablespoons lemon juice