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Zone South

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Having some sweet food among all spicy foods can balance the food consumption among southern people whose local taste is mostly spicy. There are plenty of Pla-O or mackerel, so stewed mackerel in sweet soup for this recipe is based on sweet taste, stewed and seasoned with sugar and black soy sauce.


Nutrition facts

Pla-O is one kind of mackerels that has red meat, always made canned fish as having stable texture.  We can gain Omega 3 fat from mackerel which is at the high level of sea fish. The health benefits of good fats mainly to provide oxygen to organ systems for red blood cell production.



300 gramsPla-O, steak cut

10 grams garlic, crushed

20grams shallots, crushed

30 gramslemongrass stalk, crushed

2 cups water

3 tablespoons coconut sugar

2 teaspoonsdark soy sauce

1 teaspoon salt



Zone Northeast

Om Pla-Dook (Northeastern curry soup with catfish)

    Background Because of the identical flavor and smell of dill, Om becomes an outstanding soup of Northeastern Thailand. Additionally it can be cooked with all kinds of meat.   Nutrition Facts Grilled catfish is high in protein and low fat. Dill can stop growing up of bacteria and helps lower cholesterol and gastro-esophageal reflux disease. It can also heal the sleepless symptom and its high calcium can help maintain bone and teeth healthy.   Ingredients 300 grams catfish cut into pieces 50 grams chopped dills 20 grams chopped spring onions 40 grams Thai eggplants cut into pieces 2 tablespoons Pea eggplant 15 grams Hairy basil 10 grams bird’s eye chili 10 grams lemongrass, sliced 20 grams whole shallot 2 tablespoons Burned sticky rice powder 2 tablespoons Fish sauce ½ cup Fermented fish sauce 2 cups Water


Zone Northeast

Tom Sab Spicy Pork Rib Soup

    Background This spicy soup is very popular in north east of Thailand. It is similar to Tom yum in central of Thailand but the spicy ingredient for this soup is cayenne pepper and most of the time this soup was cooked with pork or beef. Its taste is not very sour but it has a mellow taste from all the ingredients.   Nutrition Facts Tom sab is full with health benefits from herbs and vegetables such as galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf. They help about digestive and circulatory system. Mushroom, bird chili and cherry tomato have high vitamin and parsley helps about gas in stomach and breathodour.   Ingredients 350 grams pork rib cut into pieces ½ cup Mushroom cut into half 30grams Lemongrass, cut in 1 inch size 10grams Galangal, sliced 80 grams whole Cherry tomato 40 grams whole Shallot 3 tablespoons Fish sauces 3 tablespoons Lemon juice 3 grams Kaffir lime leaves 15 grams sliced long coriander 8 Dried Bird chilies 1 teaspoon Cayenne pepper 10 grams Coriander leaves


Zone Northeast

Som Tam Thai (Thai Payaya Salad)

Background Som Tam Thai is one the most popular dishes not only in Thailand but worldwide. The taste is rich with the ingredients which can be found locally, very easy to cook and balances all the flavours, as well as very nutritious.   Nutrition Facts Som Tam Thai is a healthy dish, enriched with Vitamins and mineral from the vegetables and ingredients cooked. Papaya is full of Papain enzyme, which plays a key role in digestive processes involving breaking down trough protein fibers. The lime juice, tomatoes and chilies are high in Vitamin C, include protection against immune system deficiencies, and delay aging.   Ingredients 80 grams shredded green papaya 20 grams shredded carrot 5 grams cloves of garlic 3 bird eye chilies 30 grams cherry tomatoes cut in half 25 grams long bean sliced in small chunks 2 tablespoons small shrimps 1 tablespoon shelled roasted peanuts 1 tablespoon fish sauce ¼ cups lime juice 1 tablespoon palm sugar