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Zone South

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Lon-puu-kem is a sweet cold dip made of salted black crab, ground pork and coconut cream. It’s served with various vegetables such as Thai eggplant, sliced mangoes and radishes. As southern part is connected to sea so there are many crabs to preserve as a salty crab.


Nutrition facts

Crab highly contains potassium and zinc. The main ingredient is variety of herbs that we add in for example shallot, lemongrass and fresh chili which give good flavor. In addition to serve aside with various of fresh vegetables.

Fresh vegetables such as white turmeric, lotus and green eggplant have high content of various vitamins and minerals.



5 pieces salted crab, cut in half

1 cup coconut cream

30 gramsshallot, thinly sliced

50 grams lemongrass stalk, thinly sliced

5 grams bird’s eye chili, sliced

3 tablespoon coconut sugar



Zone Northeast

Som Tam Thai (Thai Payaya Salad)

Background Som Tam Thai is one the most popular dishes not only in Thailand but worldwide. The taste is rich with the ingredients which can be found locally, very easy to cook and balances all the flavours, as well as very nutritious.   Nutrition Facts Som Tam Thai is a healthy dish, enriched with Vitamins and mineral from the vegetables and ingredients cooked. Papaya is full of Papain enzyme, which plays a key role in digestive processes involving breaking down trough protein fibers. The lime juice, tomatoes and chilies are high in Vitamin C, include protection against immune system deficiencies, and delay aging.   Ingredients 80 grams shredded green papaya 20 grams shredded carrot 5 grams cloves of garlic 3 bird eye chilies 30 grams cherry tomatoes cut in half 25 grams long bean sliced in small chunks 2 tablespoons small shrimps 1 tablespoon shelled roasted peanuts 1 tablespoon fish sauce ¼ cups lime juice 1 tablespoon palm sugar    


Zone South

Phak Lieng Tom Kati Goong (Melindjo leaves in coconut milk soup with prawn)

Background Lieng or Melindjo, a local tree of the South is 1-2 meters tall and has long leaves. Its young leaves are cooked in different dishes. Lieng leaves in coconut milk soup with prawn is a favorite dish among people in the South.   Nutrition facts Lieng leaves are rich in beta carotene which is an antioxidant and provides vitamin B, calcium and phosphorus. Having the dish helps maintain good eyesight, nourishes the skin and strengthens bones and teeth. Coconut milk has moderate fat which helps digestion and stimulates the thyroid gland to work better which is good for burning fat.   Ingredients 500 grams Lieng leaves 200 grams prawn 4 cups coconut milk 40 grams shallots 1 shrimp paste 2 sugar 1 salt


Zone Northern

Yum Yod Makham (Tamarind leaves Salad)

Background Lanna’s tamarind leaves salad has many cooking recipes up to each community in the Northern Thailand. Tamarind leaves have sour taste and often used as ingredient to compliment the taste.   Nutrition Facts Tamarind leaves are used as laxatives and carminatives, sooth the cold and coughing. Onions is rich with Vitamin C and antioxidant agent, which help to prevent from diseases.   Ingredients 2 cups young tamarind leaves 1 cup sliced onion ½ cup fried shallots 1 tablespoon fish sauce 80 grams large tomatoes sliced in half 1 cup sliced pork rind 3 fried dry chilies