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Hor-Mok (Thai Curry Fish Custard)

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Hor-Mok (Thai Curry Fish Custard)




A common way to prepare Hor-Mok is steaming that was inspired by Chinese tradition.    It is also possible to mix all ingredients such as chili paste, coconut milk and fish meat in small clay pots until well blended. But steam cooking in banana leaves with thick coconut cream and holy basil leaves are classic ingredients.


Nutrition facts

The curry fish custard has all of the delicious flavors of a traditional Thai red curry, protein from fish, fat from coconut cream and it is easily digested. Although you eat a lot, you won’t feel uncomfortable because the red curry paste has chili and herbs to reduce gas in stomach. Moreover, all dipping ingredients contain high vitamins and fiber.



1 kg filets snakehead fish

3 cups coconut milk, chilled

½ cup coconut cream, for topping

½ cup red curry paste

1 chicken egg

3 tablespoons of fish sauce

Lay a generous layer of holy basil leaves, baiyor( Morindacitrifolia ), steamed shredded lettuce and steamed shredded cabbage on the bottom of banana leaf bowl.

Thinly sliced red chilies and coriander for topping




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Yum Nham Sod (Fermented Pork Salad)

  Background Nham or fermented pork is made with preservation method, thus it has a sour taste. Nham is mostly cooked by adapting into Yum or salad for a better taste.   Nutrition Facts Nham or fermented pork is full of protein, iron and Vitamin B. Galangal eases constipation and helps relieve migraine headache.   Ingredients 120 grams fermented pork cut into bite size pieces 30grams sliced galangal 2 tablespoons shredded bird eye chilies 3 grams fried dry chilies 2 tablespoons shredded leeks 2 tablespoons shredded corianders 2 tablespoons shredded shallots 2 tablespoons lime juice 3 tablespoons fish sauce 1 tablespoon sugar 2 tablespoons roasted peanuts    


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Gai Tom Kha (Chicken and Galangal in Coconut Milk Soup)

Background Chicken and Galangal in Coconut Milk Soup is a kind of spicy soup that is made mild by coconut cream. The dish is aromatic from herbs such as galangal, lemon-grass and kaffir lime leaves.  Only chicken is used in this dish. It is very popular with Thai people and foreigners alike.   Nutrition facts The dish is high in vitamin C and contains protein and phosphorus. Karri lime leaves make the dish be a refreshing food and having the dish relieves flatulence.   Ingredients 2 cup coconut cream 150 grams chicken, cut into bite-size pieces ½ cup straw mushroom ¼ cup sliced young galangal 50 grams lemongrass stalks, rough crushed 5 grams kaffir lime leaves Chili, rough crushed Fish sauce Lemon juice Coriander leaves


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    Background Kuay-Teow-Pad-See-Ew is in the similar category of noodles that is always found as a twin of Kuay-Teow-Rad-Na.  The tasty dish must have well fried noodles and add black soy bean for a better smell. This dish is always with oily noodles, egg and Chinese kale. While fat noodles are eaten soft, vegetables have to be crispy and look green.   Nutritions facts This dish give high energy as 1 portion served with egg contains 520 kcal.  Frying noodles  for a yummy taste, you need lots of oil then it will bring you fat in high level. Meanwhile, pork and eggs have high protein and  also Chinese kale gives you variety of vitamins.   Ingredients 120 grams fat rice noodles 50 grams pork, sliced 50 grams Chinese kale, cut in pieces 1 tablespoonblack soy sauce 1 tablespoon light soy sauce 1 chicken egg Vegetable oil for fried noodles