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Gaeng Kue Hoi Khom Bai Cha Plu (Freshwater Snail in Red Curry)

Zone South

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Gaeng Kue Hoi Khom Bai Cha Plu (Freshwater Snail in Red Curry)


Freshwater Snail in Red Curry is a local dish which is found only in the South. The meat and shells of freshwater snails are cooked. Its ingredients are=Cha Plu leaves, coconut milk and chili paste.


Nutrition Facts

Freshwater snail is a source of protein and collagen which relieves body pain and aches, strengthens bones and teeth and eliminates toxins in the body. Having the dish is good for the urinary system and relieves headaches.


Chili paste ingredients: 15 bird’s eye chilies, 2 lemon grass stalk, 10 garlic cloves,  5 shallots,  2 inch long turmeric,  5 sliced galangal pieces,  2 tsp. black pepper,  1 tbsp. shrimp paste and 1 tsp. salt.  Put all of ingredients in a mortar and keep pounding until everything is well-blended.



  • 500 grams freshwater snail
  • 2 cups Cha Plu leaves
  • 4 cups coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp. salt
  • 1 tbsp. sugar

Zone Central


  Background “Yong Tau Foo” is well-known as traditional recipe of Hakka before transformed to “Yen Ta Fo”It is Hakka’s signature recipe but the original cooking was tofu stuffed with minced pork. Then became tofu stuffed with fish. Nowadays, it is adapted to serve with fish balls and steamed morning glory, crispy squid, jelly fish and sweet -spicy red sauce that gives this dish its iconic flavor.   Nutrition facts Yen-Ta-Fo gives us energy in the same range as the clear noodles soup recipe, but we gain more energy and cholesterol from crispy squid, fish balls contains protein, steamed morning glory gives us vitamins, minerals and fibers. Yen-ta-fo sauce or sweet-spicy red sauce gives this dish its iconic flavor and has 5 groups of nutrients. Lastly, 1 portion served contains 352 kcal.   Ingredients 120 grams fine cut or flat rice noodles 50 grams Thai morning glory 15 grams crispy squid 15 gramsjelly fish 20 gramsrounded fish balls 20 gramssliced fish balls 2 pieces of fried wonton 2 tablespoon of Yen ta fo sauce Chilies vinegar, sugar and fish sauce  


Zone Northern


    Background The red ant eggs or kai-mod-daeng is another well-known ingredient very popular among the Northern part and the Eastern part of Thailand. Its flavor is tasty, yummy and easy to cook.   Nutrition facts The variety of nutrition especially protein and various vitamins are the benefits of red ant eggs. Furthermore when we mix together with many ingredients and chicken eggs, it becomes a powerful supplement.   Ingredients 50 grams of red ant eggs 2 chicken eggs 80 grams tomatoes 15 grams shallot 1 tablespoon coriander, chopped 1 tablespoon spring onion, chopped   Chili paste ingredients 3 dried chilies 10grams Thai garlic, peeled 15 grams shallot 1 teaspoon of shrimp paste ½ teaspoon of salt      


Zone Central


  Background Nam PrikKa Pi is traditional Thai namprik(chili dipping) that is one of the most popular cooking recipes in every home because it is easily cooked and can be kept long. The most delicious fish that always go with is “ Pla Too ” or mackerel fish so it becomes frequently called as “ Nam prikpla too ” If you have a leftover Nam Prik, just simply mix Nam Prik together with rice and mackerel fish. This is a good technique to make a new dish from the leftover.   Nutrition facts This recipe of fried rice contains the five food groups as adding some vegetables. We also get carbohydrates from rice, protein from shrimp paste ( ka-pi ), Omega 3 fat from mackerel fish which is at a high level of sea fish. In addition, the oil from frying and fresh vegetables that we eat together highly contain vitamins, minerals and fiber.   Ingredients 2 cups steamed rice 80 grams mackerel fish, fried 3 tablespoons nam-prik-ka-pi 1 tablespoon vegetable oil for frying