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“ Kraeng ” or “ Kraang ” words transformed from Javanese language “Kerang and finally become “ Kraeng ”. Cockles are easily found in shallow muddy coast especially Surat-Thani and Pattani provinces. Cockles are unique ingredients for tropical island recipe both steam and curry soup.


Nutrition facts

Cockles are similar to many other types of seafood which are rich in protein, iron and phosphorus. Iron is an integral component of hemoglobin, which transports oxygen from the lungs to all body cells, and is also part of key enzyme systems for energy production and metabolism and good for your joint.

Cumin leaves are an excellent source of iron with mineral that plays many vital roles in the body. Additionally, iron is an instrument in keeping your immune system healthy.



150 grams cockles’ meat

¼ cup southern curry paste

2 tablespoons of shrimp paste

2 tablespoons of fish sauce

50 grams cumin leaves

2 cups water



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    Background Kuay-Teow-Pad-See-Ew is in the similar category of noodles that is always found as a twin of Kuay-Teow-Rad-Na.  The tasty dish must have well fried noodles and add black soy bean for a better smell. This dish is always with oily noodles, egg and Chinese kale. While fat noodles are eaten soft, vegetables have to be crispy and look green.   Nutritions facts This dish give high energy as 1 portion served with egg contains 520 kcal.  Frying noodles  for a yummy taste, you need lots of oil then it will bring you fat in high level. Meanwhile, pork and eggs have high protein and  also Chinese kale gives you variety of vitamins.   Ingredients 120 grams fat rice noodles 50 grams pork, sliced 50 grams Chinese kale, cut in pieces 1 tablespoonblack soy sauce 1 tablespoon light soy sauce 1 chicken egg Vegetable oil for fried noodles    


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Nam Prik Ma Muang (Chili sauce with green mango)

Background Nam Prik Ma Muang is made from green mangoes, shrimp past, garlic and chilies. Originally, lime juice is a main ingredient of many Thai chili sauce but in summer, Thai face with a lime shortage then green and sour mango compensates for a lack of lime during summer. Due to its favor taste, the dish is available in all seasons.   Nutrition facts A green mango is enriched with vitamin C, Dietary fiber and beta-carotene. Having the dish reduces a risk of cancer and increase immunity.   Ingredients 80 grams a sour mango, finely chopped 1 tbsp. dried shrimp, pounded 10 grams garlic cloves 5 grams chilies 15 grams Chee fah chili, sliced 1 shrimp paste, grilled 1 palm sugar 1 tsp. fish sauce 1 orange juice       Side dish: fried salt gouramy fish (Pla Sa Lid) and vegetables


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Khao Kluk Kapi (Fried rice with shrimp paste)

Background Kapi (shrimp paste) is a common ingredient of Thai dishes for a long time. It is used as an ingredient in many dishes and its taste is salty. Khao Kluk Kabi, fried rice with shrimp paste, is one of a traditional Thai dishes garnished with sweet pork, chopped mango, chili, crispy dried shrimp and omelet.   Nutrition facts Kapi (shrimp paste) is made from fermented ground shrimp mixed with salt and it contain high calcium, omega3 and vitamin B12 which naturally present in some foods. The vitamin B12 helps strengthen bone and increase red blood cells. Omega3 helps to prevent from blood clots.   Ingredients 4 cups steamed rice 2 tbsp. roasted shrimp paste 2 tbsp. chopped garlic cloves 4 tbsp. cooking oil 150 grams sweet pork 20 grams dried shrimp, deep-fried 2 tbsp. lemon juice 40 grams shallots, sliced 40 grams mango, chopped 80 grams omelet, ribbon-sliced Garnish with sliced chili and coriander leaves