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KaengNhor Mai (Bamboo Shoot Curry)

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KaengNhor Mai (Bamboo Shoot Curry)


GaengNhor Mai or GaengNhor is cooked by using fresh bamboo shoots and any kind of meat such as spare ribs, snakehead fish or catfish.


Nutrition Facts

Bamboo shoot is high in fiber, it controls the colon thus when bamboo shoot is consumed, the nutrients will be absorbed into the blood vessels.



  • 200 grams grilled fish (only use the meat)
  • 400 grams fresh bamboo shoots
  • 50 grams Cha-om or Acacia Pennata
  • 50grams straw mushrooms cut in half
  • 20gramsWildbetalLeafbush
  • 5cups soup stock

Curry paste ingredients

  • 3 dried chilies
  • 30 gramsshallot
  • 10 grams of garlic
  • 1 tablespoon shrimp paste
  • 1 tablespoon fermented fish



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Moo Hong (Stewed pork belly)

Background Stewed pork belly tastes salty and sweetness. The dish is influenced by Chinese, and seasoned with coriander leaves.   Nutrition facts Pork is high in protein, vitamin B and zinc. 100 grams of pork provide energy to body 376 kcal, 14.4 grams protein and 35 grams fat.   Ingredients 2 pork belly 1/3 garlic clove, rough crushed ¼ cup coriander leaves, finely chopped 2 tbsp. black pepper 3 tbsp. oil 1 cinnamon stick 2 star anise 6 tbsp. back soy sauce 2 tbsp. palm sugar 1 litter water 5 light soy sauce 1 sugar  


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Suki-Yaki-Haeng (Stir fried Thai sukiyaki)

    Background Suki-Yaki is originated from Japanese cuisine which means to roast or BBQ in a hot pan. However, Thailand’s Sukiyaki was influenced by Chinese as main red sauce ingredients was made from pickled bean curd( Tao-hoo-yee ). Normally we will mix all ingredients such as vegetables or variety of meat in a big hot pot but nowadays it is transformed to be a quick single dish by stir-fried glass vermicelli, meat, egg and sukiyaki sauce.   Nutrition facts It is rich in protein from variety of meat like pork, beef and seafood. This recipe also contains many vitamins, minerals and fiber from lettuce and morning glory.   Sukiyaki sauce made from pickled bean curd and likewise soybean which is well-known as high source of minerals, iron and potassium. These can strengthen bones and enhances blood circulation.  We can say that this menu contains 5 major food groups.   Sukiyaki sauce ingredients 1 clot pickled bean curd 2 tablespoons chopped pickled garlic with juice 1 tablespoon palm sugar 1 tablespoon vinegar 1 tablespoon smashed toasted white sesame 1 tablespoon sesame oil 2 pieces chopped dried roasted chili 2 tablespoon water Mix all ingredients in order to make Sukiyaki sauce   Ingredients 80 grams glass vermicelli, already soak in water 50 grams sliced beef or pork 50 grams sliced chicken 50 grams seafood combination such as shrimp and squid 50 gramsChinese cabbage, sliced 50 grams morning glory, cut into 1 inch size 20 gramsChinese celery, cut into 1 inch size 2 chicken eggs ½ cup suki-yaki sauce 2 tablespoons vegetable oil for stir-fried 2 cloves Thai garlic, crushed      


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SaiUa (Spicy Thai sausage)

Background SaiUa is made by a method of preservation. The word “ua” means to insert. “SaiUa” means to stuff intestines with different sorts of meat.   Nutrition Facts SaiUa is nourished with protein from the meat, as well as the condimentsused containing healthy benefitssuch as the lemongrass helps to ease the cold and coughs. Galangal nourishes the body. Garlic increases the growth of body tissues, prevent cancer and stimulate antioxidants.   Ingredients 1 kilogram minced pork with fat 3 tablespoons sliced kaffir lime leaves 2 tablespoons chopped leeks and corianders 2 tablespoons fish salt 1/2 kilogram pork intestine Chili paste ingredient 8 dried chilies 1 teaspoon grind salt 2 teaspoons chopped galangal 2 tablespoons chopped lemongrass 60grams chopped shallots 3 tablespoons chopped garlic 1 teaspoon shrimp paste 2 teaspoons corianderroots ½ teaspoon turmeric powder