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Gaeng Ped Pla Saai Bai Ra (Red curry with fish and cumin leaves)

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Gaeng Ped Pla Saai Bai Ra (Red curry with fish and cumin leaves)


Red curry with fish and cumin leaves is a local and spicy dish which is made from pla saai (threadfin Bream fish), chilies, cumin leaves and herbs.


Nutrition facts

Fish, sea fish, is source of Omega 3 fatty acid which is acknowledged to protect against cardiovascular disease by reducing blood pressure and the cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood. Consuming on a regular basis, it reduces the risk of heart disease and strengthens the immune system. Cumin leaves are extremely good for digestion and related problems, its ability to aid in digestion and improve immunity.



  • 700 grams fish, Pla Saai
  • ¼ cup chili paste
  • ½ cup cumin leaves
  • 3 cups water
  • 20 grams young galangal, sliced
  • 15 grams green pepper
  • 3 karri lime leaves
  • Sliced Chee fah chilies for garnishing


Chili paste ingredients: 15 grams chilies, 5 grams pieces of sliced galangal, 2 inch long turmeric, 40 grams shallots, 10 grams garlic cloves, 1 tbsp. black pepper, 2 tbsp. shrimp paste and 1 tsp. salt.  Put all of ingredients in a mortar and keep pounding until everything is well-blended.

Zone Northern

KaengKradang (Jelly Pork Curry)

Background KaengKradang or Kaeng Mu Kradang is usually cooked with pig’s leg which makes the curry thick and jelly. KaengKradang has two recipes: Chiang Mai’s and Chiang Rai’s. Chiang Rai’s menu is cooked by adding the chili paste while boiling the pig’s leg.   Nutrition Facts Pig’s leg contains necessity protein for the body. The ingredients are rich with nutrients such as shallots fight the free radicals and healthy for the heart.   Ingredients 1 kilogram pig’s leg (boneless) 30 grams shallot 20 grams garlic 1 teaspoon grind pepper 2 teaspoons sliced coriander roots 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons fish sauce 2 tablespoons sliced coriander


Zone Northern


    Background “Khaotan” or well-known as rice cracker is the local famous dessert of traditional ceremony in the northern part of Thailand during the Northern Thai New Year and annual temple ceremonies.  At the present Khao-tan is easy to find and extremely tasty with various flavors.   Nutrition facts Sesame seeds are extremely beneficial for health include the ability to prevent diabetes, build strong bones, boost respiratory health, aid in healthy growth, improve circulation, detoxify the body, eliminate depression and chronic stress.   Ingredients ½ kg. Glutinous rice grains 1 cup of watermelon juice 2 tablespoon of black sesame 1 teaspoon of salt vegetable oil      


Zone Northeast

Som Tam Thai (Thai Payaya Salad)

Background Som Tam Thai is one the most popular dishes not only in Thailand but worldwide. The taste is rich with the ingredients which can be found locally, very easy to cook and balances all the flavours, as well as very nutritious.   Nutrition Facts Som Tam Thai is a healthy dish, enriched with Vitamins and mineral from the vegetables and ingredients cooked. Papaya is full of Papain enzyme, which plays a key role in digestive processes involving breaking down trough protein fibers. The lime juice, tomatoes and chilies are high in Vitamin C, include protection against immune system deficiencies, and delay aging.   Ingredients 80 grams shredded green papaya 20 grams shredded carrot 5 grams cloves of garlic 3 bird eye chilies 30 grams cherry tomatoes cut in half 25 grams long bean sliced in small chunks 2 tablespoons small shrimps 1 tablespoon shelled roasted peanuts 1 tablespoon fish sauce ¼ cups lime juice 1 tablespoon palm sugar