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Gaeng Ped Pla Saai Bai Ra (Red curry with fish and cumin leaves)

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Gaeng Ped Pla Saai Bai Ra (Red curry with fish and cumin leaves)


Red curry with fish and cumin leaves is a local and spicy dish which is made from pla saai (threadfin Bream fish), chilies, cumin leaves and herbs.


Nutrition facts

Fish, sea fish, is source of Omega 3 fatty acid which is acknowledged to protect against cardiovascular disease by reducing blood pressure and the cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood. Consuming on a regular basis, it reduces the risk of heart disease and strengthens the immune system. Cumin leaves are extremely good for digestion and related problems, its ability to aid in digestion and improve immunity.



  • 700 grams fish, Pla Saai
  • ¼ cup chili paste
  • ½ cup cumin leaves
  • 3 cups water
  • 20 grams young galangal, sliced
  • 15 grams green pepper
  • 3 karri lime leaves
  • Sliced Chee fah chilies for garnishing


Chili paste ingredients: 15 grams chilies, 5 grams pieces of sliced galangal, 2 inch long turmeric, 40 grams shallots, 10 grams garlic cloves, 1 tbsp. black pepper, 2 tbsp. shrimp paste and 1 tsp. salt.  Put all of ingredients in a mortar and keep pounding until everything is well-blended.

Zone Northeast

Tam Thaad (Salad in Tray)

    Background Tam Thaad is a papaya salad that has many ingredients presenting in the same tray instead of the dish for more convenient to eat in group and it can also give a feeling of better taste.   Nutrition Facts Thai papaya salad is a healthy food full with vitamins and minerals from vegetables and seasoning such as papaya has enzymes papain which helps digestive system. Lime juice, tomato, bird chili have highly vitamin that support immune system and make your skin brighter and fresher. Then  there are many benefit from other ingredients on the tray.   Ingredients 100 grams Papaya, thinly sliced 20 grams tomato 10 gramsThai Olive 1 fermented crab 1 tablespoon fish sauce 2 tablespoons fermented fish sauce or Plaraa 1 lime 5grams garlic 5 grams bird’s eye chili 10 grams Thai eggplant   Ingredients on the tray 100 grams boiled shrimp 1 boiled egg 120 grams Fried Northeastern sausage 1/2 cup Vietnamese pork sausage ½ cup fried skin pork 40 grams Thai eggplants Vegetable Thai rice noodle


Zone Central

Gaeng Keow Wan Neua (Green beef curry)

Background Green beef curry is mad from beef, coconut cream, green chilies and herbs. The dish is influenced by Muslim who are preferred eating meat and refrain from eating pork. Nutrition facts The dish is high in protein, iron, zinc and phosphorus. The fat from coconut cream is balance with various kinds of herbs from Keow-wan curry paste. Ingredients ·       4 cups coconut cream ·       ½ cup Keow-wan curry paste ·       300 grams beef, thinly sliced ·       100 grams Thai eggplants, cut into bite-size ·       20 grams pea eggplants ·       3 tbsp. fish sauce ·       1 tpsp. palm sugar ·       50 grams sweet basil ·       Chee Fah chilies (spur chilies), sliced Keow-wan curry paste ingredients ·       11 Chee-fah chilies (green chilies), remove seeds ·       ¼ cup lemon grass, thinly sliced ·       ¼ cup shallots, sliced ·       2 tbsp. garlic cloves, crushed ·       1 tsp. sliced kaffir lime zest ·       1 tsp. coriander roots, sliced ·       1 tsp. black pepper corns ·       1 tsp. shrimp paste ·       4 tsp. coriander seeds, roasted ·       2 tsp. cumin, roasted Put all of ingredients in a mortar and keep pounding until everything is well-blended. Chili leaves can be added for stronger green color.


Zone Northeast

MhokPla-Dook (Curried catfish wrapped in banana leaf and steamed )

  Background “Mhok” means wrapped by banana leaf and steamed in order to keep all nutrients. The ingredients can be widely found so Mhok Catfish is easy to cook.   Nutrition Facts Grilled catfish is high in protein and low fat. Dill can stop growing up of bacteria and helps lower cholesterol and gastro-esophageal reflux disease. It can also heal the sleepless symptom and its high calcium can help maintain bone and teeth healthy.   Ingredients 600 grams Catfish cut into pieces 5 bird’s eye chilies 2 tablespoons lemongrass, chopped 2 tablespoonsFish sauce ½ cup Hairy basil ½ cupspring onion, chopped ½ cup dill, chopped 2 tablespoons Fermented fish sauce 2 tablespoons Burned sticky rice powder