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Refreshment _ Deep fried spring roll, crispy and fascinated

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“Deep fried spring roll” is very easy to find. It is available at Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese restaurants. Originally, deep fried spring roll is Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine and Thai people adapted it by using the ingredients available in Thailand. Therefore, the taste become Thai style and pleasant for both Thai people and foreigners, regardless of fresh spring roll, deep fried spring roll, chopped pork and vermicelli noodle filling, baked spinach with cheese filling, shrimp filling and mushroom filling. It is the refreshment that is widely popular because spring roll has an average taste (not spicy) and most importantly, it is inexpensive, taste good and suitable for eating at any time.

Let’s have a tasty spring roll.

– The first shop is “Yew Ki, Pradipat”

This restaurant has many interesting dishes. Everything is tasty and the food is served very fast. The most impressive thing is the food here is newly cooked, so it still warm and smell nice.

This restaurant definitely has a lot of food listed in the menu but today we shall focus on deep fried spring roll. Deep fried spring roll at Yew Ki has thin and crispy flour filled with welsh onion, carrot, young bamboo shoot and Chinese mushroom. It tastes very good and the dipping sauce is similar to plum mixed with chili sauce and it is uniquely tasty.

We can say that the taste is unique, so whoever wants to try it can visit the restaurant and buy it at Pradipat Road. The restaurant locates between Soi Pradipat 10 and Soi Pradipat 12. It opens daily between 07.00 – 20.00 hrs.


The second shop “Spring rolls Ranger”

This shop has tasty spring roll that no one else do because there are various of spring roll filling for you to choose, such as spicy minced meat salad (Larb), stir-fried curry, shrimp, Padthai, pork with yellow curry paste (Kua-Gling), choco banana and a lot more. Wow! We can have fun with these choices.

If you want to try eating at Springrolls Ranger, there are many branches available, which are Srinakarin train market branch, Kaset-Nawamin train market branch and Porto Chino branch. The shop opens daily. Contact number 095-5614254 and 081-8666190.

  • The third shop “Roti Mataba Tha Pra Chan”

This is a popular shop of Tha Pra Chan. It is center of tasty food, such as roti-mataba and deep fried spring roll. It would be a waste, if anyone visit this area but miss this crispy spring roll with good smell  … especially Hongtae deep fried spring roll that anyone who taste it would want to have more. If you want to know hoe delicious it is, please visit the shop at Soi Pra Chan, Bangkok (Tha Pra Chan opposite to Lung Louis shop)

Information of the shop :
Information of the shop:
Information of the shop: